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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is the book publishing really free?

As we have mentioned on our website, there is no publishing charge or any kind of hidden charges. We will publish the book free of cost.

Q2. Will you publish all books or selected ones?

This is not a competition where there will be winners. Everyone who participates will be provided with the publishing services once they complete the challenge.

Q3. Can I submit poems which I have already written?

Yes, you can. If you are not able to write poems each day, you can submit the poems you have already written, which is unpublished.

Q4. How will I submit my writings?

We will provide you with a form in which you have to submit your writings daily. Once you register, you will receive an email with more information on submission of your writings.

Q5. How much time it will take to publish my book?

Usually it takes up to to 45 days to publish the book once you complete the challenge.

Q6. In which language can I submit my writings?

We are accepting English and Hindi language currently.

Q7. Can I make some changes in the writings in the book later?

You can suggest some changes in the writings later on once the first draft of your manuscript is ready. After the final draft is ready, you cannot change it further.

Q8. How much extra time will be provided if I cannot complete the challenge on time?

You will be given 7 days extra for completing the challenge if you are not able to submit all your poems in 28 days.

Q9. What will happen if we find plagiarism in writings?

If plagiarism is found in any your writings more than 15% you participation will be cancelled.

Q10. Can I participate with my group?

Yes you can participate as a group. A group can have upto 5 writers.

Q11. I write in regional language but I cannot translate the same into English or Hindi. Will I get assistance for translation?

No, the work submission should be in English or Hindi only.

Q12. Will I get certificate for participation?

Yes you will get certificate after challenge is completed.

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