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Oh no, not the pigeon protest! I always knew our feathered friends were a bit dramatic, but that's taking it to new heights—or lows, depending on how you look at it. I guess the pigeon union finally had enough of the demanding workload.

Imagine that video with dramatic music playing in the background, slow-motion feathers falling, and a tearful voiceover saying, "In a world where pigeons carry the weight of messages, one bird dared to say, 'I'm out.'"

And so, after witnessing the pigeon uprising, we've decided to retire our feathered employees and embrace the wonders of modern communication. Email, WhatsApp, and contact forms—because let's face it, nobody wants a carrier pigeon going rogue mid-flight with your important memo.

Our pigeons might have had the drama, but your messages deserve the reliability of a good old electronic send. Plus, it's way easier to explain an email malfunction than to clarify why a pigeon joined a circus halfway to its destination. So, reach out to us through other communication methods, and be confident that no pigeons were harmed (emotionally or otherwise) in the process of making this decision.

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