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Write to Publish

Write to Publish is a writing challenge brought by Noverse Foundation in which you have to write a poetry or micro tale for 28 days. We will publish it as your book for free.

This writing challenge is for Indian Writers Only


Take your writing to the next level and get published

Writing Challenge benefits you

Your writing gets better with each of writing practice and your book will be published for free of cost without any hidden charges.

Worldwide Inspiration for you

We provide you with inspirational quotes, articles on creativity and how to overcome writer's block and much more!

Create a legacy

As you will write more than one poetry during the challenge period you will be creating a legacy of your own.

Writing becomes accessible

There are many forms of poetry, but most important thing is getting started.

Challenge as a group

You can do this as a group also if you need help. A group having up to 5 writers.

You can do this

Even if you have never written before or don't consider yourself a poet, give it a try. We are here to help.

A Fun and Creative Writing Challenge!!!

28 days 28 write ups and you can hold your book in your hands at the end of the challenge. An opportunity to get your creativity out.

Get Better at Writing!!!

To write better, you need to practice and work hard daily. With our Write to Publish writing challenge we help you get better in just 28 days.

How this works?


Literary enthusiasts from belonging to any age group can participate in the challenge.


Everyday all participating writers will be given a form to submit their poetry or micro tale. The poetry and micro tale can be of any theme except related to any religion or community idealogue. On different day you can write different themes.

If you are not able to write on any day you will be given extra time.

What will you get you have completed the challenge?

Book Publishing

We will publish your book after you complete the challenge. Below are the details for book publishing that will be presented to the challenge writers:

  • ISBN number and barcode allocation

  • We will create your book's interior

  • We will create your book cover design

  • Book will be published as paperback and eBook

  • 100% royalty would be paid on a monthly basis

  • Book will be distributed nationally

Book Designing

We will design your book cover, giving it premium touch and we will also take care of the formatting and overall layout of your book. You just sit back and relax.



Book Marketing

When your book is launched, we will share the promotional material with you to help you promote your book.

Important Note

Please note these important points:

  • This challenge is NOT for those who wait for the perfect moment to write. This challenge is for those who take a moment and make it perfect.

  • The challenge will start from 2 January, 2023.

  • Publishing will start after you complete the challenge.

  • Submit original works only.

  • All your queries have been answered in the FAQs here.

  • Any queries you have before participation email us at

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