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4 Strategies to be consistent in writing

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

T - Test your thoughts

U - Understand the extent

N - Navigate and negotiate

E - Explore while you express

Like a song needs a tune and lyric every writing has its way to TUNE.

Let's go step by step to unleash ways and to become continuous and connected to consistency. It's up to you to decide how your day works and so does it depend on your potential to pull that off.

Everything, in general, goes hand in hand and life has its own set of notions and demands you can't fail to fulfil and similarly, in writing, we have to maintain a journal or a logbook or just a notebook to be used to it as well as to improve or channelize one's ability to pen down or type on what's going on or what's cooking in that brain.

It's not something that goes above your head until and unless you overdo or underdo it because there's always a point of optimum we have to maintain in usually every opinion in some or the other way. Getting the hang of doing something every day is a challenge you push yourself to practice and prioritize based on passion so when you've got it pinned nothing is pulling it away from your list until and unless you delete it.

4 Strategies for consistent writing
4 Strategies for consistent writing

Let's TUNE into it

1) Test your thoughts: It's no exam that has numerical values because you are your examiner in terms of thoughts but you should know the hook and crook of what you want to write. We have all sorts of questions like how, when, why, what, and who in every aspect of life. In thoughts, we need questions and answers for those to understand a topic of interest in extremes and up to various extents.

2) Understand the extent: Once we've found answers to questions it's time to understand and prioritize our order of writing of what form and type it should be. It's like a schedule but with sentences or says a timetable with perfectly fitting thoughts.

3) Navigate and negotiate: Until and unless we understand where to go there's no point of navigation and similarly until and unless you know your order of where goes what or what goes when in sentences you find no flow and you cannot follow up because you are flying here and there to fit words. You need to negotiate with the kind of sentences sometimes to make it more impactful or easier to understand because you analyze everything only your way.

4) Explore while you express: Tuning might be a step-by-step process but evolution is everlasting and inevitable so similarly exploring goes hand in hand with expressing. There's always trial and error to explore but it's usually unstoppable once you start putting your everything into something.

Ultimately consistency is an opportunity to enhance your ability to be efficient and productive.

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