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The Process of Converting a Raw Inspiration into a Full- Fledged Novel

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

There are many people with wonderful story ideas in their head but does not go through with it. I agree, writing a novel is a really exhausting and time-consuming process. Most people don’t even try to write because they simply don’t know where to start. Well, let’s help you with that. Here are 7 clear-cut steps to convert raw inspiration into a complete novel. Let’s begin...

Breakdown of elements of novel writing
Novel Writing


Maybe not. Let’s begin with the writing right away. Ok, I was joking. Writing is not the first step in creating a novel. when you have an idea, a story in your head, a raw inspiration that you took from real life, or a story you created on your own, whatever it is your first step is to think about your idea. You have to validate it first. Let the idea retain and process in your mind for a while. Writing a novel is not like writing a short story. When an idea for a good short story hits you, you write It down as soon as possible and try to complete it in one sitting. Novel Is entirely different from that. Think about your idea for a while. Expand it in your mind, develop it, build the setting behind it. Have a lot of ideas, write them down and choose the best options. So, brainstorming is your first step.


Researching is the next step. You have to research the idea and find out whether it is a relevant one or not. You readers have to feel like your story is real, or at least resembles reality, even though you should be aiming for the first one. To accomplish that goal, you have to do your research and modify your ideas accordingly. Don’t underestimate minor details, take your time, and research everything.


You might already have your characters in mind, if yes good, and if no, then create them. Your characters should synchronize with your story, theme plot, and setting. You shouldn’t just insinuate them into your story, there has to be a certain flow. Shape your characters wisely. They will be representing your novel for you.


Yes. Plan EVERYTHING. Be ready with the theme, the plot, and the characters. But, don’t rush the process. Take your time and figure out the things that you need to do. Planning gives you clarity, and writing a novel can be messy, you need clarity here. Be ready with your story.


When will the actual writing begin? Isn’t that the whole point? Yes, I know. Before you jump into writing, you have to get everything straight. You planned everything from beginning to climax. Now, you picture your novel. Imagine how the world you created is going to be. Writing a novel is not an assignment or mere work you have to do. It’s an adventure. Don’t jump into writing if you feel like you are not ready. Maybe let the idea sit for a while. But, be careful not to lose your motivation to write.


Finally! We are here. Now let’s start writing. As I said before, it is good to let your story sit for a while in your head, but you must be careful not to lose your fire. You came this far, now you have to make sure that you go through with the writing part. Writing a novel can be extremely time-consuming. It might take you months, or even more than a year to complete your novel. Take your time, build your story, edit if necessary, and let the story just flow from you. Keep your creativity in active mode and let’s write.


After you finish your novel don’t publish it right away. Give the novel and yourself some time. Because, don’t think that peace begins here, if you are going to publish your book then this is just the beginning. There is going to be a huge rush and you will be busy for months probably. Let you sit for a while and let your brain process the fact that you actually completed your and this is not a dream.

These are the seven steps for writing a novel. We are not done yet. Let’s discuss a few common yet important questions regarding writing a novel.

  • How many months does it take to write a novel?

That depends on your story. If your story is really big then it might take you more than a year to complete your novel.

  • How to conquer writer block?

Go to sleep. Your brain probably needs a break. Don’t push it to do something it doesn’t want to.

  • Is writing a novel worth the time and effort?

It absolutely is. Yes, it is an exhaustingly long and draining process but it is also extremely gratifying if you complete it. Also, writing has a lot of mental benefits like it will increase your creativity, so no loss there.

Writing a novel is like forging a sword. First, you have the melt the metal and forge it into the shape you want. Be patient with it and don’t give up. You never know. You might actually surprise yourself.

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